Create a routine

A well thought out schedule of daily tasks written down on paper helps to focus on a particular task that needs to be worked on. It often benefits to jot down the daily activities for a seven-day period. With that in front of you, you can create a more effective schedule for how best to use your time, which should include a degree of flexibility to allow for the unexpected.

Prioritize the important matters

It is always important to put more emphasis on completing the more important day- to-day activities, whilst learning to spend less time on the trivial things that aren't so important. If you are able to differentiate between the daily tasks that are urgent and need to be dealt with from the tasks that are more non-essential, you will often be able to free up a significant amounts of time.

Put in place goals

Setting up certain goals that you wish to achieve throughout the day often helps to focus a lot more of the energy on accomplishing tasks that are of more importance. Tried to determine what you are looking to achieve and jot back down. Now list the steps that will be required to achieve that final outcome, and then put in practice what needs to be done to ensure it becomes reality.

Stop procrastinating

It is often the case that a person will procrastinate due to a fear of failing. It is often found that procrastinating affects your ability to work to your full potential and also causes stress. If a particular task is left until the last minute it is likely to lead to unfinished or substandard work. An effective course of action to stop a person procrastinating out of fear is to limit a particular job to a specific time-frame, which should be a reasonable time, but no longer then is really necessary.

Create a to-do list

A to-do list is basically a running list of each task or project that needs to be completed throughout the working day. If you are able to compile a to-do list of the most important tasks that will need to be completed throughout the day, then this is a further great way to ensure you stay focused on what actually needs to be achieved. A to-do list is often the most effective way to remind of the tasks that might be unfinished and will need completing before the days end. It can also help to break down the larger tasks in two smaller projects, which gives more of a sense of achievement in using your time in a constructive way.